PKD inserts

What is PKD insert?

Diamond is the hardest known material. PCD (polycrystalline) diamond is an artificial diamond, which under high pressure and temperature (approximately 1700 ° C) are randomly oriented diamond grains sintered with a binder for supporting carbide layer. This process created a so-called. PCD disc from which then by means of wire-EDM cut the desired sizes and shapes PCD wafers, depending on the method of further use. PCD inserts thus become ideal tool material characterized by high thermal conductivity.

We are able to offer both standardized PKD inserts and can also produce any shape PKD inserts according to your requirements

For ISO standard shapes of cutting inserts are standardized to carbide inserts soldered smaller segments PKD. With this technology reduces the cost and selling price of PKD inserts.

PKD inserts can be classified according to grain roughness PKD:

Main advantages of PKD inserts in comparison with other cutting materials

Less productive methods and tools may be replaced IF reaches thus reducing production costs.