CBN inserts

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is the second hardest material after diamond. Method of production of CBN plates is similar to the production of PCD, i.e. sintering at high temperature and pressure.

Preferably CBN inserts versus the diamond is the possibility to use also for machining materials with iron content (hardened steel, cast iron etc.).

After proper use and the appropriate cutting parameters are suitable CBN cutting material for many applications. Significant application CBN inserts are especially in mass production, where the emphasis is on productivity and surface quality. According to the type of application, whether by roughing or finishing the cutting edge of CBN inserts adapted to more or less known. Protective chamfer, which protects the relatively delicate blade against chipping.

We are able to offer and supply CBN inserts as special shapes and forms ISO standardized inserts.

CBN inserts are delivered as so-called. "Solid CBN" or CBN sintered carbide layer on a carrier.