Carbid inserts

Carbide inserts are products of powder metallurgy. Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, and other binders pressed insert, which is then sintered at high temperature (about 1600 ° C). In this process, the carbide insert shrinks and thus acquires the final shape. Subsequently, depending on the application with carbide grinding plate and are coated for increased heat resistance, abrasion resistance and the like.

Carbide substrate has a different grain size, whereby the different ratios between the grain size and the binder content and other impurities is achieved by the desired properties of carbide which is then purposefully used for different applications.

Carbide inserts are supplied in standard ISO shapes for turning and milling.

Based on the information on the type of material to be machined, the type of machining, or by the type of existing plates offer the right type and the sort of inserts offered by us. In the case of interest it is possible to try carbid inserts at your operation.